Our Offerings


Glogistics Consulting's support and service delivery solutions have a trained team of experts who are able to solve specific challenges with better service.

These days accounting and shipping software’s are at the heart of most manufacturing and supply chain operations. While technology playing such a key role, software downtime can negatively impact the bottom line. To overcome this Glogistics Consulting's support and service delivery solutions Team built a Experienced Team of experts who are able to solve specific challenges with better service delivery.

Glogistics Consulting offers solutions in support and service delivery for applications such as Oracle WMS, Oracle TMS, Oracle Financials, Oracle Service-Oriented Architecture and more. Our solutions can help the clients to get the best out of their Supply Chain Management application and transform their business towards a phenomenal growth story.

We also partner with our third-party software suppliers to ensure the clients receive what they need quickly

We provide Functional and Technical Services 

Our OTM Functional services include:

Our OTM Technical services include:

  • Freight Rate Management    
  • Frieght Settlement
  • Master Data Management
  • Data Loading
  • Exception Management
  • Custom Workflow tools
  • Transportation Order Management
  • Transport Planning Visibility
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Operational & KPI Reporting
  • Order Processing
  • Agents & Workflow Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Architecture Design
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Performance Tuning (New & Existing)
  • Integration Mapping & Development
  • Reverse-Proxy / Load Balancer
  • Authentication
  • Hardware Sizing
  • Version Migrations
  • Scalability / Clustering Config
  • DBA & Data Schema
  • OTM 5.5 / 6.x Migrations

Project Restoration
In our experience we've found that many companies have started the process of putting OTM into their environment but either don't understand the true complexities or consulting group prematurely runs the project way overbudget. 

Glogistics Consulting is able to get your implementation back on track by:

  • Analysing where you currently are in your project and setting a budget to get to the finish line.
  • Offering dedicated resources to fullfill your logistics needs
  • Offer shared resources reducing the cost to your company
  • Utilizing talent from around the world bringing your costs back within budget


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